We advise Fintech companies, crowdfunding platforms, tokenization of securities project and DeFi protocols on Swiss Fintech regulations.​​​


Our Services

We provide holistic legal services

Our services include:

  • FinTech License
  • Distributed Ledger Technology Project​
  • Tokenization of securities, ICOs, STOs​
  • Crowdfunding platform​
  • E-commerce & Digital platforms
  • FINMA no-action letter
  • Digital assets custody
  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi)



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Aside providing legal services, you will find us lecturing, mentoring, publishing, providing training session, being involved in various associations and constantly working on innovative projects.


Using law for positive impact​

We believe business must take a central role in fostering sustainability. As a law firm we aim at having a positive impact using law as a force for good.​