B Corp

OA Legal is the first Swiss Law Firm to obtain the B Corp certification, one of the world’s most advanced ratings for corporate sustainability. Becoming ‘B Corp’ involves a rigorous assessment of a company’s environmental and social performance and governance. It measures how companies manage its people, environmental footprint, products, suppliers and the communities with whom they interact.



Using law for positive impact

OA Legal is committed to a model of participative and responsible organization, for our employees, for the environment and for the community.


We wish to put human beings at the centre of our concerns, by developing the fulfilment of individuals, in particular through :

– Diversity Integration
– Work-life balance
– Individual Accountability
– Sharing values
– Team building


We are committed reducing our impact on the environment, in particular through:

– Paperless practice and e-office
– Use of 100% renewable and local energy
– Encouraging soft mobility
– Green Office Policy


We are also committed to the local community in a variety of ways:

– Buying sustainable products from local suppliers
– Donation to professional associations
– Pro bono legal services
– Summer internship for young academics

Pro bono

We encourage members of our team to make a positive impact by donating time for pro bono projects.


Today’s choices become tomorrow’s realities

The Manifesto reflects OA Legal’s core values and is for anyone who wants to make conscious and fully informed choices when it comes to selecting a law firm.


OA Legal’s actions for implementing environmentally sustainable practices

OA Legal strongly believes that by the actions we take, we can minimize the environmental impact of our day-to-day activities and maximize our employees’ health and productivity.