Swiss Innovative Law Firm

OA Legal is a Geneva based law firm driven by an entrepreneurial spirit
providing tailor-made legal services. We are committed to provide
the highest level of legal services while having a positive social impact.



We provide holistic legal services

We offer a 360° legal approach that examines the legal framework of our clients’ challenges from every angle, whether it being legal advice or representation in disputes. Together, we identify and analyze legal and regulatory issues to find the best solution.

Banking and Finance

We advise banks, securities dealers, asset managers, insurance companies, financial advisors and other financial intermediaries on Swiss financial regulation.

Business Litigation

We assist and represent clients in complex civil, administrative and criminal proceedings in front of Swiss Courts.

Corporate and Commercial

We assist Swiss and foreign companies as well as entrepreneurs for all legal issues in relation to their business activities.

Criminal Law

We assist and represent clients in all national and international criminal proceedings, in particular white collar crimes and crimes against physical integrity.

Data protection and Privacy

We advise Swiss and foreign companies across all industry sectors in relation to the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act.

Employment Law

We advise clients and represent them in front of Swiss Courts in all areas of private employment and public labor law.

Family Law

We assist and represent clients in front of Swiss Courts in all areas of family law, including divorce and inheritance.


We advise Fintech companies, crowdfunding platforms, tokenization of securities project and DeFi protocols on Swiss Fintech regulations.

Real Estate

We advise companies and private clients as well as real estate professionals in all stages of real estate and construction projects.


Our business is understanding Yours

When you work with us, you work with a team dedicated to finding the right solutions for you. We offer new ideas and new methods to deliver creative, innovative and tailor-made legal services.


OA Legal is a Geneva based law firm driven by an entrepreneurial spirit

Our entrepreneurial spirit is what brought us together. We understand our clients because we share the same spirit. We believe to be a modern law firm anticipating the legal issues and business challenges you are facing.