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OA Legal is a Geneva based law firm driven by an entrepreneurial spirit
providing tailor-made legal services. We are committed to provide
the highest level of legal services while having a positive social impact.


01 01 Bcorp Certification DETAILS OA Legal is the first Swiss Law to obtain the B Corp Certification. 01 B Corp Certification We believe business must take a central role in fostering sustainability. Our clients expect from us to play our part as an ethical and responsible business — from fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where we invest in the development and wellbeing of our people, to working to reduce our carbon emissions, and using our skills, creativity and influence to help solve some of the biggest challenges facing the world today. ​

OA Legal is the first Swiss Law Firm to obtain the B Corp certification in recognition of its corporate sustainability practices with a total score of 89.3.

The B Corp certification is one of the world’s most advanced ratings for corporate sustainability. Becoming a ‘B Corp’ involves a rigorous assessment of a company’s environmental and social performance and governance. It measures how companies manage its people, environmental footprint, products, suppliers and the communities with whom they interact.​
02. Paperless 05. Digitally Incorporated X
02 02 Paperless DETAILS OA Legal is moving towards paperless practice and e-office law firm 02 Paperless Law Firm
OA Legal has been taken one step ahead to digitalize all its internal processes through the generalization of use of Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) and online communication exclusively. The aim of the law firm is to become a 100 % paperless law firm within the upcoming year.

OA Legal acts as the Registration Authority Agency for Swisscom and is responsible for the identification process of clients in order to provide them with QES under Swiss law. The QES client onboarding and identification can be made on site at OA Legal premises or by video identification.

By using QES, OA Legal ensures legal security and authentication of the signatures, eliminates paperwork overload, reduces costs of registered mail and facilitates for the clients the signature of documents by signing instantly with their mobile phone.
03. Digital Access to Justice
01. Bcorp Certification X
03 03 Digital access to justice DETAILS OA Legal manages electronic submissions filing with Geneva judicial authorities 03 Digital Access to justice In June 2019, Switzerland has launched the Justitia 4.0 project. The Justitia 4.0 project aims to introduce the electronic file within the Swiss judicial authorities, electronic communication with them and online consultation of the files. All types of proceedings are involved: criminal, civil and administrative proceedings.

As of today, it is possible in Geneva to communicate with most of the important courts and authorities in criminal and civil proceedings, but with the upcoming Justitia 4.0 project, this process will be generalized for all authorities.

OA Legal provides clients with Electronic Qualified Signature and manages for clients electronic submissions to authorities and courts via certified delivery platforms which ease the access to justice.
04. Document Management System 02. Paperless X
04 04 Document Management System DETAILS OA Legal offers to clients a Document Management System with Qualified Electronic Signature 04 Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) with Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)
OA Legal provides to clients an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) and fully compliant with GDRP and Swiss data protection regulations, embedded with Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) able to share live information and documentation with clients to strengthen the communication between us, which contains tools such as:
  • Dedicated portal for clients with private login to easily share digital documents.
  • Notification push on client’s mobile phone.
  • Qualified Electronic Signature Onboarding.
  • Automatic tracks modifications to documents and metadata.
  • Check-in and check-out features ensure information integrity and streamline collaboration.
  • Real-time updates for documentation to be always up-to-date and compliant.
  • Storage and access to information for more efficient use.
  • Virtual room for meetings and conferences with documentation sharing.
  • Accessible from PC, Mac, and on all tablets and smartphones.
05. Digitally Incorporated
03. Digital Access to Justice X
05 05 Digitally Incorporated DETAILS OA Legal is the first Swiss Law Firm fully digitally incorporated 05 1st Swiss Law Firm fully digitally incorporated On March 16 2020, the Swiss Federal Council decided to take measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus in Switzerland and introduced, in particular a ban to hold public or private events. Such decision had an impact on the holding of general meetings of companies.

Under Swiss law, shareholders have an inherent right to attend the meeting in person. In light of the ban to meet in person, the Swiss government had therefore granted a number of relaxations. The most important one was to allow shareholders to exercise their rights exclusively in writing, electronically or via an independent representative designated by the company for the holding of the general assembly.

OA Legal SA is the first Swiss Law Firm that has been fully digitally incorporated within the Geneva Commercial Register by holding remotely the incorporating meeting via videoconference before the public notary and using electronic qualified signature in accordance with art. 27 of the COVID-2019 Ordinance 3
01. Bcorp Certification
04. Document Management System X

Our core values strengthened by new developments

As business is undergoing a significant digital transformation, the legal industry needs to evolve in order to connect to its clients. Here are some of our key developments.


We provide holistic legal services

We offer a 360° legal approach that examines the legal framework of our clients’ challenges from every angle, whether it being legal advice or representation in disputes. Together, we identify and analyze legal and regulatory issues to find the best solution.

Banking and Finance

We advise banks, securities dealers, asset managers, insurance companies, financial advisors and other financial intermediaries on Swiss financial regulation.

Business Litigation

We assist and represent clients in complex civil, administrative and criminal proceedings in front of Swiss Courts.

Corporate and Commercial

We assist Swiss and foreign companies as well as entrepreneurs for all legal issues in relation to their business activities.

Data protection and Privacy

We advise Swiss and foreign companies across all industry sectors in relation to the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act.

Employment Law

We advise clients and represent them in front of Swiss Courts in all areas of private employment and public labor law.

Family Law

We assist and represent clients in front of Swiss Courts in all areas of family law, including divorce and inheritance.


We advise Fintech companies, crowdfunding platforms, tokenization of securities project and DeFi protocols on Swiss Fintech regulations.

Real Estate

We advise companies and private clients as well as real estate professionals in all stages of real estate and construction projects.


Our business is understanding Yours

When you work with us, you work with a team dedicated to finding the right solutions for you. We offer new ideas and new methods to deliver creative, innovative and tailor-made legal services.


OA Legal is a Geneva based law firm driven by an entrepreneurial spirit

Our entrepreneurial spirit is what brought us together. We understand our clients because we share the same spirit. We believe to be a modern law firm anticipating the legal issues and business challenges you are facing.